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Leader's Speech

Leader's Speech


Leader SpeechHello everyone!

Welcome to Shandong Zhongsen. I am Guo Wenqian, Chairman of Shandong Zhongsen Holding Group. Here, together with all the staff of the company, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the partners and friends who have been caring and supporting the development of Zhongsen Company! Thank you for your care, attention and support to Shandong Zhongsen over the years!

With the mission of "helping enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions, and innovate life with science and technology", Zhongsen Group is committed to the cement grinding aid industry. After more than ten years of development, it currently has a green adjuvant business segment dominated by several energy-saving and emission-reducing products such as energy-saving raw cement grinding aids, cement grinding aids, coal-saving additives, water-reducing agents, and concrete admixtures. , the green building materials section for the recycling of industrial solid waste, and the circular economy demonstration industrial park section for the comprehensive utilization of solid waste, becoming a growing environmental protection enterprise with good performance. Zhongsen products have now covered the domestic market and have a group of large enterprises as long-term customers.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with integrity. Over the years, Zhongsen has kept up with the forefront of science and technology, using energy-saving and environmental protection integrated technology and solid waste localization as raw cement grinding aids, coal saving agents, water reducing agents, desulfurizing agents, cement grinding aids, Relying on core products such as concrete synergists, concrete admixtures, activators, composite admixtures, composite cementitious materials, etc. Improvements have created certain economic and social benefits. With strong scientific research and development and after-sales technical service strength, the company has specially launched "personalized" services and "overall solution" services to users in recent years, and strives to meet the "personalized" actual production needs of different users. The vast sea; a tree, it is difficult to form a vast forest. Looking back on the ups and downs of Zhongsen, the reason why we can grow and have today's brilliance depends on the dedication of every Zhongsen people, hand in hand, and the support and care of the vast number of friends. Just as the name of Zhongsen pursues: bringing together the forces of all parties to achieve extraordinary careers.

Today's Zhongsen has become a famous brand in the domestic cement grinding aid industry and a famous brand product in Shandong. For the lofty pursuit of establishing Zhongsen's century-old foundation, today's growth is only the foundation-laying stage of Zhongsen's century-old foundation. Looking to the future, we are proud of our vision and we are full of confidence.

Friends, let us join hands and work hard for a better tomorrow!


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